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Educational Innovations

This is with regard to the Educational System in India. National council has been set up and known as NCERT, (Educational research centre.). It frames the entire curriculum grade wise.
Basically it is divided into :

This was the frame work to run the country’s educational system, and has been accepted widely.Now we have National Educational Policy,this has been taken up by the central schools. The central schools were formed in order to facilitate all central Government employees who were getting transfered from one Province to another. These are some schools called Kendriya Vidyalaya and finally the CBSE started giving affiliation to the public schools to grow.The country’s educational system is a wider format and also collaborating with state and made beautiful enhancement. Thus NCERT keeps on working and central schools keeps on adapting . The state also follows the same pattern with the help of SCERT.

The SCERT incorporated levels which was suiting the individual states also. They had taken into consideration regional Languages and also schools which were run in regional languages.

SGHS falls under State Government, which follows the SCERT norms.The basic topic which have been elected as part of curriculum are generally one and the same. However the pattern of instruction changes from course to course. This has been done to facilitate the levels of children who actually joined the school. The state syllabus, the CBSE and the ICSCE is a closed system. However state has its own restrictions. Thus the education needs to become open ended system and gives diversity and scope for the child to come across and not restrict him to a certain area. We at SGHS have taken this to grass roots . We have an institute which caters to Higher learning. We have a group of teachers who have a capacity to take level 1 to level 3,4,5.There should be comprehensive strategy for making a child learn better and making all avenues of learning open.