Sri Gurudatta Education ---- Knowledge For all, All For Knowledge.




As we go through the Heritage growth of the school is full of forward steps. Moving onwards carries “Value based growth”. Wherever aspirations of people are fulfilled it is there and there alone numbers follow. We are proud to say that we change the minds of the students to manage with knowledge and skill based growing mindset.

Students needs the following which school caters to …

  •   Assessment of child in academics and behaviour.
  •   Find ways and means for inspiring.
  •   Suggesting good parenting aspects.
  •   Bring bondage between student/teachers/Parents.
  •   Supporting morally the child’s mindset growth.
  •   Forwarding challenges to bring out the best of the child.
  •   Encouraging peer learning and differential learning.


Every country aspires to the growth of its citizens both intellectually and behaviourally.
“Learning under watchful guidance to set high goals.”


Super Vision

Every child needs encouragement at every level. Work allotment is "student specific" in SGHS, as every child as an individual is unique and setting goals for smaller groups and constant invigilation, makes it work better for every child. This ensures continuity of improvement.

Activities taken up are:

It is to be noted that children are not segregated according to their levels. They are identified and supervision is done both class-wise and completion of homework for upgradation.