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Gurudatta - A gift of a guru to the students

To borrow the words of the first prime minister of independent India, Gurudatta made a trust with destiny eleven years ago! Destiny, in the shape of our students and their parents proved to be an ardent supporter of Gurudatta’s efforts to shape itself into a sincere dispenser of education and a valiant defender of ethical values in the field of education. "Great oaks from little acorns grow", is an apt description of Gurudatta’s gestation and growth during the past 12years.

The genesis of Gurudatta could be traced to that day 45 years ago when a sincere and hard working teacher started to give private tuitions to the school students of his vicinity making no demands for money but accepting whatever (Sri. Y. Subrahmanya Sarma) the parents of his students chose to offer as ‘Gurudakshina’. He earned the priceless affection of his students and the admiration of their parents. Decades later, he retired. But his admirers saw in this an opportunity to use his boundless energies and indomitable spirit for the spread of good education to the students in and around Nallakunta. They urged and goaded him to start a school that would offer quality education at affordable fees to the students in the vicinity. Though his modesty forbids us from naming him, our pride in his example and leadership compels us to name him as Sri. Y. Subrahmanya Sarma, popularly and affectionately known as Sarma Sir.

With passionate involvement, untiring efforts, and relentless quest for excellence the committed and talented teachers of Gurudatta have won the love of their students and the gratitude of the parents. As Gurudatta enters into its seven year of existence, it realizes the need to expand its physical dimensions to match the public demand for its services. We wish to take advantage of this to make our school more productive. As is well-known, the effort of a teacher of K.G. classes is to make the child learn from its environment and also pick up rudimentary social skills, the effort of an elementary school teacher is to help the child abstract its experience of the environment and the effort of the middle school teacher is to inculcate in the student the art of asking appropriate questions and the methodical ways to search for answers. In contrast to this, the task of the higher class teacher is to impart knowledge at a fast pace to a student who has already been trained to be receptive to it. Realizing this huge difference in the pedagogy of lower and higher classes, we have decided to shift the higher classes to a different but proximate building. This move will result in the identification of two different mottos to the two different wings of Gurudatta. The wing of lower classes will have the motto “Gentle education to tender minds” while the motto of the other wing will be “Time and tide wait for none. Move as fast you can, for you are in a competitive world.” The wing of lower classes will be trained to slowly acquire the habits of academic independence. They will be trained to read and analyze on their own and make notes on their own. The higher class students will be given relief from by-now-routine chores and will be given assistance in the shape of printed notes etc. to save time for non-routine work and extra reading.